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Home » Getting Started » Does PERRLA have a toll-free support number?

The best way to get up-and-running quickly with PERRLA.
6/12/2011 12:53:39 PM

Rachael Kirk
Rachael Kirk
Posts: 106
To work efficiently and to provide consistent, reliable answers to your questions, we provide support via email.

We understand that people often want access to a live human being by telephone. But we also understand that nobody would be happy sitting on "Terminal Hold" while we’re researching the issues of other customers.

But if our standard support options prove insufficient for your issue, we can call you.

Let’s review PERRLA’s variety of support solutions. These include:

1. Self-service help where you can find answers to common questions and problems on our website and forums.

a. http://www.perrla.com/HelpCenter.aspx
b. http://forums.perrla.com/

2. Email-based support from 8:00am to 10:00pm CST - seven days a week! Although the response time can vary depending on the time of day and the current workload, our typical response time is less than one hour.

a. Email us directly: support@perrla.com
b. Email us from our website: http://www.perrla.com/ContactSupport.aspx

The majority of our customer service can be successfully accomplished by using one of the options above. And for the small percentage of cases where a customer might be having more serious technical problems, we can even schedule a remote session to provide hands-on help.

The bottom line is, we’re here for you and will work with you to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.
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Home » Getting Started » Does PERRLA have a toll-free support number?

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